To start off, I’m Ryan! I’m 24 years old, and I grew up in Guelph, Ontario. I have a loving family, and an incredible group of friends. Growing up, I was introduced to all the beautiful things Southern Ontario has to offer: I skied, I golfed, I kite-surfed, and most importantly, I biked. Over my 24 years, I was given the opportunity to experience life just how I would have wanted it. And where I’ve had amazing life experiences there is one thing I have come to learn: happiness on the outside doesn’t always mean happiness on the inside. 

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Enter, MINDCYCLE: It’s the perfect way I could think to describe what this challenge is all about. It represents the mental struggles I and many others experience, and what we can physically do to stay motivated and persevere the ups and downs. I think it’s so important to find that thing. Whether it’s an activity, a hobby, a cause, whatever leads you to a sense of fulfilment and internal happiness; something that develops your motivation to keep working toward a better mental state. Cycling is my source of motivation, and through MINDCYCLE, I’m hoping to help people find theirs.